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"Assuming you have entered the coma, what happens ?" "Before I enter this state, I always fix beforehand the moment of my awakening. When that moment arrives, I awake. Many people employ this form of auto-suggestion in a simple manner, as when they tell themselves at night to awaken from sleep at a certain hour, in time to proceed to their work next day. This is a proof that the subconscious mind never goes to sleep; it is only the conscious mind which has such a lapse, which also explains why sleep-walkers often perform quite intelligent actions without remembering afterwards what they did.
"To return    The commencement of the cataleptic trance brings about a cessation of the two important vital functions of breathing and blood-circulation.    We know well that most people will declare that death must inevitably supervene should this happen, but I need not stop to. argue the point with you because you have already given public testimony to having witnessed the contrary in India.    The fakirs alone can stop breath and blood movements and yet live on.    Let it suffice to say that all circulation of the blood completely stops whilst I am in a cataleptic coma.    In fact, the whole rhythm of my life is -suspended.   It is essential that I emphasize the fact that this i s not the catalepsy sometimes attained in hypnotic experiments upon other persons, because in such cases the circulation of blood is frequently intensified.   Why so?  Because the methods used are totally different and quite unrelated.    You will see this difference most clearly in the method which employs hypnotic suggestion alone, whereas I use purely physiological means, that is tne nerve pressures and the tongue-swallowing.    Another difference is that my insensibility against pain lasts not more than twenty-five minutes after I awaken from the second degree of trance.    No such fixed period marks the cases of hypnotized subjects.    Hypnotic states induced by suggestion frequently render the subject's body insensible to pain, it is true, but to be insensible to the pain after the state has passed, as I am, is another thing altogether.    But the most important difference, after all, is that I put myself into the trance state entirely at my own will, whereas what hypnotist can hypnotize himself?"
"It is remarkable that your body is so unscarred, after the